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Solid Mastermind

Formation en ligne pour la communauté Solid Edge et CAO



Fresh bake from the oven,




Solid DNA will extend its online training offer by offering the Solid Mastermind online training


Both Solid Mastermind and Solid DNA have the goal to educate the Solid Edge and the CAD community about Solid Edge, the NO MORE best keep secret of the CAD industry.


Solid Edge ST4 launch is the perfect time for all of you who have the desire to perfect your skills with Solid Edge to engage in a training experience that will help you get the most out of Solid Edge.


Solid Edge users who attend the ST4 event and combine both trainnig offer, will recieved a one two additional months gift.


Register for Solid Mastermind training using one of the links in this page.


*Purchase or be a member for Four Three months subscription of Solid Mastermind and take one subscription of the Solid Edge Virtual Training and Solid DNA will pay and additonal one TWO month subsription to Solid Mastermind.


Combine with the one month offer by Solid Mastermind for those who attend the ST4 event and the one TWO months paid by Solid DNA, you will have a six months acces to Solid Mastermind traning plenty of time to get more proefficient With Solid Edge.


Select a membership below to subscribe and get more informaiton about Solid Mastermind training content



* Promo is good only for those who attend the ST4 event

  You must subscribe using the links provide on this page in order to enroll for the promotion. Or send us a email solid_adn@yahoo.ca